ABSAF, the Acton-Boxborough Student Activities Fund, is a 501c(3) non-profit, charitable organization that supports extracurricular activities at the Acton-Boxborough Regional Schools.

ABSAF members believe that extracurricular activities help to develop well-rounded children with healthy self-esteem. Members believe an entire community benefits when its youth are engaged in constructive activities. The goal is to offer each student at least one channel for his or her interests or talents, and over 85% of students currently participate.

Whether students are interested in music, sports, academic teams, theater, speech and debate or community service, they should have the opportunity to participate in programs that provide constructive and creative outlets.

ABSAF conducts both an annual mail campaign and a student phonathon in the fall. Contributions are greatly appreciated at any time during the year.


Since its inception in 1981, ABSAF has donated well over $1,000,000 to the Acton-Boxborough Regional Schools.

ABSAF was able to prevent the need for activity fees until 1993, at which time they became necessary. However, ABSAF contributions are still critical to maintain our quality extracurricular programs. Without ABSAF’s donations, activity fees would be higher and/or some activities would be eliminated.

ABSAF has consistently received generous, broad-based support from members of the Acton-Boxborough community since it was established.

Executive Board Members

  • President – Tricia Hashem
  • Vice President – Jenn Jaroch
  • Secretary – Lisa Thermidor
  • Treasurer – Josh Bregman
  • Director of Data and Communications – Ashish Mittal

Board Members

  • Andrew Chase
  • Ashish Mittal
  • Cindy Richardson
  • Claire McCarthy
  • Claudine Sahagian
  • Heather Lammey
  • Jyoti Nagarkar
  • Kate Hoitt
  • Lee Ann Layton
  • Lisa Thermidor
  • Marie Altieri
  • Preethi Chandramouli
  • Shelley Lawson
  • Shelly Jaros

Student Board Members

  • Gahyun Lee
  • Allison Richardson
  • Vani Mittal
  • William Xie
  • Alexis Bregman
  • Aimen Tahir
  • Niya Depin
  • Sophia Lu
  • Dhruva Iyer
  • Sarah Sahagian
  • Preston Mo
  • Eddie Zhao
  • Jamilah Kasozi
  • Grace Layton
  • Alexis Thermidor
  • Nithya Nomula
  • Joey Cronin
  • Matthew Chimento
  • Rebecca Kniker
  • Zoe Newcombe
  • Brady Hoitt
  • Finn Jaros
  • Taylor Lammey

Apply to Become a Member

We are looking to add Students and Adults to the board every year. If you are interested in helping out and becoming a member, click HERE