An ABSAF Pass entitles you and your immediate family free admission to most Acton-Boxborough home extracurricular activities during the current academic school year.

ABSAF Pass holders are also entitled to two tickets to the RJ Grey Musical and two tickets to a single performance of each of the high school’s Proscenium Circus’ (PC) mainstage productions.

To take advantage of your free tickets to the various Proscenium Circus performances, Pass holders should reserve tickets through PC’s online reservation process at ABDrama.org. The online reservation process closes at midnight on the Monday prior to each show. ABSAF pass holders may not reserve online past this deadline. If tickets are still available after the deadline, you may claim your two tickets at the door with your ABSAF pass. ABSAF passes are not accepted at the 24-Hour Class Plays or the Festival.

Please pay close attention to the procedures and the deadlines for the respective plays and musicals as they may vary for the High School and RJ Grey.

Purchase an ABSAF pass for $175

Buy Online

New this year, ABSAF is pleased to announce that we will be using GoFan for digital ticketing . Supporters can purchase tickets online through the ABSAF GoFan page or by presenting a card or mobile payment option at the ticket gate. All major credit cards are accepted, along with Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

The new ticketing policy allows ABSAF to operate a more efficient and professional ticket gate while elevating the fan experience. Buying tickets online allows fans to access and share tickets easily by email or text without standing in line.  

Fans are encouraged to buy tickets online prior to reaching the facility. For your convenience, signage will be set up at the venue to help fans navigate an online purchase quickly and easily.  

To purchase an ABSAF Pass, please visit our GoFan page. Acton and Boxborough Student Activities Fund Events and Tickets by GoFan