October 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

October 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2021 Board Meetings 0

ABSAF Board Meeting – October 12, 2021

RJ Grey JHS Library – 7:00 PM

Meeting Agenda:

Present: Finn Jaros, Brady Hoitt, Caden Li, PJ Cronin, Ally Jaroch, Taylor Lammey, Nick Moore, Maura Hashem, Rebecca Kniker, Preston Mo, Liam Cotter, Shaun Costello, Olivia Tun, Abby Dennison, Cydney Cotter, Cindy Richardson, Zoe Newcombe, Kiley Richardson, Catherine Holtz, Rebecca Bregman, Shelley Lawson, Heather Lammey, Shelly Jaros, Kate Hoitt, Claire McCarthy, Trish Hashem, Shelley Moore, Jenn Jaroch, Tommy Eaton, Lisa Thermidor

Absent: Marie Altieri, Andrew Chase, Meredith Kirkman, Chester Li, Anya Mittal, Ashish Mittal, Claudine Sahagian, Sarah Sahagian, Kevin Wang, Michelle Zhang, Sophie Zhang, Eddie Zhao, Chris Brolin

  1. President’s Welcome – Shelley welcomed us all to the meeting and noted that we will have copies of the agenda available for the meetings going forward.  She gave a huge thank you to Shelly Jaros and everyone else for all of their help with the phonathon.  We were able to raise over $10,000!  We really appreciate all of the effort and support that the board showed.  We have sold a lot of passes – 199 so far, but not enough yet!  In the year 19/20 we sold 240 passes and in the year 18/19 we sold 342 passes.  At this point we don’t have anyone helping with the booster position.  We should look into this and see how we can make this work.  We did not do a summer mailing because we had some database issues – this could be a good opportunity to send out a mailing in the near future to try to boost donations and pass sales.  With the upcoming basketball and hockey seasons, this could be a great way to sell more passes as well.  The tickets went live for the upcoming show – Alice in Wonderland.  There was a message that stated that ABSAF pass holders can fill out the information to get their two complimentary tickets.  Shelley Lawson is going to send Shelley Moore an email with a graphic so that we can send an email to pass holders reminding them of this.

      2. Secretary’s Report

Attendance – The attendance sheet was circulated and recorded.

Approval of Minutes – September Meeting – Ally motioned to approve the minutes.  Maura seconded the motion.  All other board members approved.  

      3.  Treasurer’s Report – Shelley and Trish spoke to the board to let them know that we are               still in dire need of a treasurer.  

      4.  Donor Management Report – Ashish wasn’t able to attend but emailed me information          to share with the board.  The total raised thus far, since July 1st is $41, 573.  This includes 300 total donations including 199 passes.   The phonathon raised a total of $10,800.  We sold 41 passes during the two nights!  Shelly Jaros suggested that we ask Claudine to put out a thank you message in the weekly chatter.  Chester is looking for updated pictures to add to the website.  He is continuing to work at updating and improving our website.  Caden took notes to pass on to Chester with some information.  

5. New Business

  • Committee Assignments – Shelley is waiting to hear back from nine kids about what committee they would like to be associated with.  She has heard from everyone else and you will be getting an email soon with information about what committee you are on and what adult is the contact person for that committee.  
    • Open Positions – Treasurer, Newsletter Coordinator, Promotions Coordinator, Booster Liaison.  
  • ABSAF Pass Sales
  • Muffin Loaf Fundraiser – We are looking for more ways to raise money.  Last year we had great success with this fundraiser and want to bring it back again this year.  There are 10 varieties of muffin loaves.  We are going to start this fundraiser on 10/18!  It will run 10/18-11/5.  Pick up is scheduled for 11/20.  We will need both adults and students to help with distribution for the three hours on 11/20.  We sold about 500 loaves last year and are hoping to sell even more this year!  We are going to sell them for $15 each.  
  • Upcoming PC play – Alice in Wonderland
  • Newsletter – Kate offered to help with the fall newsletter.  Thank you Zoe for writing an article about the play, Taylor wrote her article about the soccer team and Preston submitted an article for the Speech & Debate club.  Kate needs about another week and a half to work on it and get it ready for release.  

*This Friday is a home football game – Cydney reminded those who are scheduled to sell passes at the gate.  Shelley asked if we wanted to run a promotion for the last home game.  We are going to bring the umbrellas to the upcoming football and soccer games in hopes of selling the remainder.  

** Heather and Cydney are going to bring their idea for a bucket hat fundraiser to the next meeting!

    6. Next Meeting:

November 9, 2021

7:00 PM

Administration Building

     7.  Meeting Adjourned at 8:00.  Rebecca motioned to adjourn the meeting,  Nick seconded the motion and all others approved.  

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