September 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

September 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

September 14, 2021 Board Meetings 0

ABSAF Board Meeting – Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Administration Building – 7:00 PM

Meeting Minutes

  1. President & Vice President’s Welcome – Shelley Moore & Trish Hashem

Shelley welcomed everyone to the meeting and mentioned that Trish is unable to attend tonight.  She asked all students to help sell ABSAF passes at the football games.  We only have four home games this year so we really need everyone to help! 

  1. Secretary’s Report – Jenn Jaroch
    1. Attendance – Jenn introduced the new sign in sheet for the meetings.  We will see how this system works and make changes as needed.
    2. Approval of minutes – August 31, 2021 Meeting – PJ motioned to approve, Nick seconded the motion.  All board members approved
    3. Schedule for future meetings – please be sure to mark your calendars with the following dates: ** Please note we have 2 upcoming meetings at RJ Grey

October 12, 2021 – RJ Grey Library

November 9, 2021 – Admin building

December 14, 2021 – RJ Grey Library

January 11, 2022 – Admin building

February 8, 2022 – Admin building

March 8, 2022 – Admin building

April 12, 2022 – Admin building

May 10, 2022 – Admin building

  1. Treasurer’s Report – TBD – Shelley discussed the treasurer’s report and mentioned that we are in need of a treasurer for the board.  We would appreciate someone stepping up to take on this role.
  1. Donor Management – Ashish Mittal – typically we discuss the status of donations.  How many passes have been sold, the total number of donations and where we stand overall.
    1. Donation status – YTD we have roughly $15,000 in donations.  YTD we have 201 donations.  49 donations since July 1, We have sold 44 passes thus far.
    2. Donor communication status
  1. Committee Updates (if any):
    1. Event Sales – Cydney Cotter/Heather Lammey – Friday is our first home football game.  We will be selling passes at the two gates.  We are also considering the meet the team nights as an opportunity to sell passes.  Cydney and Heather are reaching out to the booster contact for each sport to distribute to the team to try to generate pass sales.  The field hockey team is not selling the muffin loaves so we are going to take that on as a fall fundraiser.  Then we would take the holiday season off and then consider a spring fundraiser such as Pura Vida bracelets or ?  Then we are considering a pansy sale with bucket hat or something like that.  
    2. Publicity – Claudine Sahagian – Claudine is busy getting everything into the weekly chatter and looking at getting approval for the banner and the yard signs to help generate interest in ABSAF.  
    3. Fall Newsletter – TBD – Typically we have a fall newsletter and a group of students help to create the content for this with the help of an adult board member.  We are looking for a volunteer to head up the newsletter.   We are looking for volunteers to write articles about sports, clubs, etc and include some photos.  Meredith is going to consider writing a field hockey email and Zoe is going to write about Alice in Wonderland – the upcoming PC performance.  Taylor would like to write an article about soccer.  Preston is going to consider writing something on the Speech & Debate club.  We would like to have the articles by October 1st.  Kate Hoitt offered to help organize the first newsletter – she is going to reach out to Lauren to see if she has a template.  
    4. Social Media – Kate Hoitt – Kate mentioned that we need a new photo of the students for the ABSAF website.  Kate is looking for assistance with social media from the students.  
    5. PC Liaison – Shelley Lawson – Shelley was not present.  Zoe mentioned that Alice in Wonderland is scheduled for Halloween weekend and the following weekend.  At this point all performers and audience members need to wear masks.  
    6. Web Site – Chester Li – Chester met with Chris Kniker to go over the details.  At the moment, he is modifying the existing site as he is not the owner.  Marie mentioned that she might be able to go back to figure out who is the owner of it so that we can make bigger modifications. We will get information from Shelley Lawson as to what the upcoming performances might be for both the high school and junior high school.
  1. New Business – All
    1. Open Positions – Treasurer, Newsletter, Booster Liaison, Promotions
    2. Committee Sign-Ups – 
    3. Home Football Games – 
    4. Phonathon Planning – Shelly Jaros is working on selecting a date for the Phonathon.  We are looking at Sunday, October 3 and Wednesday, October 6.  We need every student to plan to be there for at least one of the dates – both nights would be ideal!  Shelly is working with the school to make sure that we can gain access to the building on both dates.  Marie is going to help with this too.
    5. Winter Fundraiser Planning – Gingerbread Construction Co. loaf sale and then working on a spring fundraiser as well!
  1. Meeting Adjourned – Maura moved to adjourn the meeting.  Nick seconded the motion.  All others approved to adjourn the meeting.

Next Meeting: October 12, 2021 7:00 PM Administration Building

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