August 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

August 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

August 31, 2021 Board Meetings 0

ABSAF Board Meeting – August 31, 2021

Administration Building – 7:00 PM

Present: Shelley Moore, Trish Hashem, Jennifer Jaroch, Shelly Jaros, Finn Jaros, Nick Moore, Maura Hashem, Ally Jaroch, Lisa Thermidor, Rebecca Bregman, Zoe Newcombe, Cydney Cotter, Heather Lammey, Marie Altieri, Claire McCarthy, Cindy Richardson, PJ Cronin, Tommy Eaton, Claudine Sahagian, Shelley Lawson, Sarah Sahagian, Preston Mo, Ashish Mittal, Chester Li, Olivia Tun, Michelle Zhang, Eddie Zhao, Andrew Chase, Chris Brolin, Meredith Kirkman, Catherine Holtz, Kiley Richardson, Taylor Lammey

Absent: Kate Hoitt, Brady Hoitt, Caden Li, Liam Cotter, 

1. Introductions – Shelley opened the meeting introducing herself as the President of ABSAF.  She stressed that we will really try to start our meetings on time and end within an hour.  Please be sure to silence your phones for the meetings going forward.  Shelley asked that everyone take a few minutes to review the minutes from the previous meeting before the meeting that night.  Attendance is also extremely important and you need to let Jenn know if you are unable to attend a meeting beforehand.  If there are 3 unexcused absences, we will have to reevaluate your level of commitment.

2. Review ABSAF Goals & How it Works – Maura Hashem gave a brief overview of ABSAF.  ABSAF stands for Acton Boxborough Student Activities Fund.  We work hard over the year to raise money that then goes right back to the school for various needs and improvements.  It is a lot of fun when everyone gets together to work for a common goal and to help our community.  We raise money for student groups for both the junior high and high school.  We take the money that is raised and distribute it amongst various groups.  Some examples of previous monies – new scoreboard, new theater curtains, transportation costs, etc.  There is a group that gathers with Marie (principals, athletic director, etc) and they make a recommendation as to how the money should be spent. We have historically raised between $60-70K per year.  We follow Robert’s Rules/Parliamentary Procedures as a form for our meetings.  This allows everyone to have an opportunity to speak, that they won’t be interrupted and only one motion can be discussed at a time. Motions can be used to recess, adjourn the meeting, etc.  You can make an appeal and can disagree but in a respectful way by saying “I move to ____”.

3. Approval of Minutes – May Meeting – Tommy Eaton motioned to approve the minutes, Claudine Sahagian seconded the motion.   All motioned to approve.

3. New Business

  • Review Committees & Opportunities to Contribute
    • Open Positions – We currently have the following positions open – Treasurer, Donor Management, Booster Liaison, Promotions, 
  • ABSAF Pass Sales – The passes cost $175.00 which allows a family entrance to all home football games, home basketball games, 2 tickets to theater events at both high school and junior high school.
    • Football Game Sales – a sign up sheet went around for students and adults to sign up to sell passes at the home games.
    • Email Campaign – there will be a big email push since we are no longer doing the paper mailer.  This will go to all families in the district.
    • Phonathon Planning – Shelly introduced the phonathon as a two day event with pizza, drinks, candy and students gather together to make many calls to try to sell passes and there are prizes and it is a lot of fun.

4. Next Meeting:

September 14, 2021

7:00 PM

Administration Building
5. Meeting Adjourned –  Nick Moore motioned to adjourn the meeting, Ally Jaroch seconded the motion.  All approved.